Migraine Treatment, Migraine Relief - MigraLens® Migraine Glasses are approved by Migraine Action Association

A migraine treatment for relief of migraine symptoms and pain.  MediView was founded in 1997 by Ian Pyzer, and has fast established itself as a leader in the supply of specialist migraine glasses for migraine relief as well as for degenerative eye conditions such as macular degeneration (AMD).
Many sufferers are aware that certain lighting such as fluorescents or modern energy saving CFL's, a bright or flashing light, television or computer screens or natural sources of light and glare such as sunlight will bring on migraine symptoms. A treatment for migraine that does not mean solely relying on drugs, and can bring migraine relief.


Research into the cause of photosensitivity (ie light sensitivity and glare) in migraine sufferers has revealed that particular parts of the spectrum are responsible for causing migraine  symptoms and associated light sensitivity that accompanies it. Click here to read more

Our migraine glasses, MigraLens® are an alternative to drugs that help with migraine treatment. They absorb the red and blue areas of the spectrum, reducing the flicker and glare that is a common trigger of migraine symptoms or cause of photosensitivity in sufferers. Click here to read more

migraine glasses for migraine treatment and pain relief "We recommend MigraLens® as our members have found they really help minimise the flicker and glare that can trigger migraines or cause light sensitivity during or between attacks"
Joanna Hamilton Colclough, Director 
Migraine Action Association

MigraLens® migraine treatment.  A drug-free migraine treatment. Migraine relief - blocking light wavelengths that can trigger migraine symptoms - using our migraine glasses. 


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Outdoors in the sun or indoors in brightly lit shops, I would not be without them…..thank you, they really work!
Mrs M Campbell

We recommend MigraLens® as our members have found they really help minimise the flicker and glare that can trigger migraines or cause light sensitivity during or between attacks.
J Hamilton Colclough, Director
Migraine Action Association

 For degenerative eye conditions visit www.hiviewglasses.com

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